The SHE WORLD ARCHIVE – relics, ephemera and detritus of lost and then found objects
from the lives of women – is a source I use for close observation of the energy held in personal residue.
Collected and cataloged over many years the archive is a mystery of feminine objects
that hint at the life of a woman. I invite other women artists (writers, visual artists) to engage
with this archive as a way to understand the lives of women through their objects.


( shown below - the She World Archive, as installed in Los Angeles, will be reopening soon in Seattle )




Sleepless, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, 2016


MARGURITTE: A demonstration for overhead projector, 16mm film and cake.
Sound by Julianna Snapper with Julia Lisztwan, soprano.
Echo Park Film Center, 2016


SHE WORLD LECTURE, student participation with two overhead projectors,
phonograph, personal objects and cake.
UC Irvine, 2016


BESSIE LECTURE, overhead projection, personal objects.
Sound by Betsy Rettig
Porch, Domestic Projects, 2015


CYRK, A Woman’s Own Story of Life Under the Big Top.
Performance, music, film and artifact exhibits from the She World Archive.
Automata Chinatown Los Angeles, 2014


SHE WORLD.VIRTINES, three vitrines, artifacts, flashlights, magnifiers, video projection.
Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, 2013


SHE WORLD.Oakland, immersive installation, artifact exhibits, flashlights.
Krowswork Gallery, Oakland CA 2013